We are inheritors of a craft tradition. Our agave grow in a natural way for more than 9 years until our field technicians determine its optimal moment of ripeness.


We are environmentally conscious and we fertilize our field by recycling the pulp fiber remaining from the productive process.

Gran Coronel Tequila is unique in the world thanks to its double quality control, careful elaboration and its unique and special flavor.



100% Agave aged in French Allier oak barrels, American oak barrels, old European red wine barrels and old Bourbon barrels. The aging  process is carried out over 6 months. 


Appearance :

Bright Straw Yellow Color

Aroma :

Fresh Cut Wood, Fruit With Hints of Vanilla

Taste :

Sweet Cinnamon & Spice

Finish :

Warm & Nutty

40% Alc Vol.

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100 % Alc Vol.