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Blanc de Qanafar

Sauvignon Blanc

Estate-grown on calcareous clay and limestone, Blanc de Qanafar is Château Qanafar’s refreshing take on the well known Sauvignon Blanc wines. Our Blanc de Qanafar exhibits intense fruitiness backed by a crisp acidity, the combination of which is uncommonly found in many Sauvignon Blanc wines of the world. An aromatic bouquet of grapefruit, passion fruit, pineapple, Granny Smith apples, over a pleasant grassiness and herbal quality.


Best served between 8 and 10°C.
Pairs well with cheeses, seafood or dishes with rich white

Château Qanafar is a small, family-owned winery located on the gently rolling hills at the base of the Barouk mountain in Khirbet Qanafar, West Bekaa. We started our journey with founder George Naim in 2005.Our 17 hectares of vineyards are located at 1200m above sea level, allowing a dramatic swing in temperature variation between night and day. This means our grapes naturally maintain a wonderful balance between flavor and sugar levels while  retaining a crisp acidity. The resulting wine is well-structured, rich and complex with intense flavor of fruit. The vineyard soil, consisting primarily of limestone, is ideally suited for growing quality grapes. We follow a simple doctrine: grow great fruit and respect it from berry to bottle. The winemaker’s role is to shepherd the quality of the fruit into the bottle, preserving the natural flavors and aromas rather than trying to «create» a wine. Our wines embrace the palate to produce a pleasurable and memorable experience.

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