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Nysa Rosé


Pinkish gooseberries dress, full of brightness. Nose offers a seductive bouquet of rose petals and red fruits (pomegranates, strawberries, raspberries) and pink grape fruit peel. Mild acidity on the palate, lively and fresh, breezy rosé, revealing the sunny rays of Bourday hills.


Best served between 8 and 10°C.

A perfect aperitif that goes very well with fish and seafood, no objections as well to have a beautifully match with cold cuts. 

Nestled on top of Dahr el Baidar, Mount Lebanon is our prime winery. Strategically placed between Beirut and Bekaa atop the peaks that overlook both the valley and the coast, is where our wines are pressed, preserved, and bottled. Its climate, altitude of 5,000 ft., and location ensure the ideal conditions for our fine wines.
Among the world-famous ruins of Baalbek is a temple dedicated to Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine. It is in this vicinity of this grand temple that Chateau Trois Collines began. This land waited centuries for a poetic visionary to see into its soul, to recognize its historical importance and potential as an integral part of this most luxurious wine-growing region of the Mediterranean Basin.
It was inevitable that this paradise would be restored to its glorious past. Centuries of passion and poetry steeping in the rich soil culminated in a creation of wines fit for a Roman God. We are proud and honored to be its ambassadors and to bring these creations to your table.

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